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$99 Fall Registration through July 12th

By American Flex Football, 06/27/19, 11:45AM CDT


Individual player entry through July 12th is $99!!! Thank you / any questions or request please call or text us at 817-690-8458

Save $47 on Fall Registration until July 13th

Shawn  Smith

Shawn Smith

League Director

Phone: 817-690-8458

The Flex Academy Camp recap from Aug 12th

By American Flex Football 08/13/2018, 10:00am CDT

Great day yesterday in Frisco as Season is still a month out but we get out 139 players to attend the first ever Flex Academy! Special thanks to all our former NFL players for instructing a great Camp yesterday

Tyler Clutts Cowboys

Caleb Hanie Bears

Joey Larocque Jets

Slade Norris Raiders

Husain Abdullah Chiefs

Brandon Hardin Bears


You can read more on Flex Camp and American Flex Football at

How Flex 9v9 Spring Football has impacted Dallas/Ft Worth

By American Flex Football 04/19/2019, 10:00am CDT

NFX and American Flex Football have partnered to put on the largest Flex 9v9 Spring League in the Country.  Flex 9v9 which is less then a year old has grown from 140 youth players from the Fall of 2018 to over 800 players this Spring and 71 teams in Dallas / Ft Worth with players from 8U to 14U.  


While 7on7 Football has always been highly successful in the DFW area each Spring the advantages of the high tempo / low impact Flex Football are enormous including but not limited to:

1. Keeping your Fall team together for Spring reps / team unity

2. Running the ball & passing the ball (the entire playbook)

3. More realistic form of Football (football IQ) with blocking,  defensive rushing & blitzing and a true pocket that a QB must work from instead of the 7on7 game where he has 4 seconds and no one ever in his face.


What is Flex Football? Flex Football is a transitional game that offers a realistic football experience at all levels. Strategically designed to fit right in the middle of flag and tackle, Flex football is 9 on 9, non-impact style of football created by former NFL players. Certified & background checked Coaches for all leagues & players.

How is it played? 9 v 9 semi contact football without head impact. 3 down linemen, 5 eligible receivers & a QB on offense. Along with 7 skill players and 2 D-Ends of defense. Traditional point values and first downs. Blocking and blitzing allowed but limited per our rules that are focused on safety and development of the player.


Want to develop Flex Football in your area?   Flex Football brings in new players to your Org by bringing in first time players and players moving up from non contact 5on5 flag that probably are not ready for full contact tackle football. For more info on how to develop and add Flex Football to your Organizations Fall Lineup for Youth players feel free to call Shawn Smith at American Flex Football at 817-690-8458