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By American Flex Football, 07/25/18, 7:00PM CDT


How dramatically the landscape has changed in Youth Football? It is almost unrecognizable anymore with some Select teams playing 8 months out of the year? Conditioning, practice, pre season bowl games, pre season tournaments, regular season, post season, postseason bowl games, all star games and then showcase? Whew! 8 months in pads? Find me one former NFL player that puts his son through that schedule? You can’t. The reason you can’t is they understand the impact that the body takes from tackle football. Sorry but the tackle season is just a fall sport, want to play tackle? Great, go play from Aug to Nov and then go to basketball, baseball, track or whatever. Flex Football was designed by former players & we even have current players like Phillip Rivers that coaches his son’s team Flex Team (above). We love tackle and think everyone at one point should play but you certainly need to find the right fit for your player and the right coaching staff that has the players best interest