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The Contact

By American Flex Football, 07/24/18, 7:00PM CDT


The contact, what kind, how much? I talk about the contact everyday regarding Flex Football. It’s all good and I try to make it as easy to understand as possible. Is there more contact then flag? Yes there is, is there more contact then tackle football? No way, we have eliminated the head from the game. Our game is like backyard football as we allow semi contact, that is why we wear soft shell padding of helmets and shoulder pads as we allow blocking above the waist with the hands. Strictly no head involved in a block or a tackle period. So contact allowed on offense in the sense of blocking D-linemen, RB’s blocking LB’s on blitz and WR blocking DB’s on running plays! Contact allowed on the defensive side is DE’s work on getting off a block of a Tackle or perfecting swim move on pass rush. DB’s can jam WR for up to 5 yards on passing plays. I love the picture above of the Cedar Hill Longhorns who came out and played with us a few months ago and this picture of what the QB sees in the pocket. Both of his Offensive Tackles are working on pass blocking and if he wants to complete a pass he will need to step up in pocket as WR’s get off the press coverage from defenders. You see both Safeties over the top at approx the hash. It’s a great game and we are pretty confident that your player, coaches & parents are going to love it too!