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NFL concussion settlement payouts reach $500 million in fraction of projected time

By American Flex Football, 07/31/18, 12:45PM CDT


I get asked a lot about the pros & cons of flag, 7on7 & tackle. They are all great games indeed and both of my sons have played all and currently play tackle in HS & College. But I will say in light of what I know now and I had it all over to do I would have kept them out of tackle until Middle School. There is just too much information now with head trauma, concussions and even CTE talk. ESPN, Yahoo and every other major Sports outlets beside NFL website have info today on The NFL Concussion settlement. Its at a half billion dollars in a little over a year… oh and a 24 yr old LB Joshua Perry retired from NFL today because of repeated concussions? Not a hint of that on the NFL website? It all seems pretty severe considering you have a choice with your child. Parents like to think if they don't get them in pads that young player will fall behind? This is hard for them to realize but no one is looking at your 12 and under player and evaluating them for Division 1 College or NFL by playing youth tackle football. Plus have you seen a 10 and under game? Two tight ends, QB under center, two to three backs in backfield and linemen in a 3-pt stance. All the things you will not be taught or run in HS or College Offense now that 90 percent is spread based. The word "Exposure" has parents in all of Youth Sports paralyzed by fear that earlier is better approach. Use those early years of Football with your player for skill development and learning the game without taking the unnecessary hits by playing and learning multiple positions. Plenty of hitting to come in MS, HS & College Football

Also High Schools, College & NFL in the last few years have all modified the number of contact days in practice which is wonderful and have helped make the game safer for sure, all of them except Youth Football? It seems like the youth game gets longer each year? Here is some old man talk for you, the Youth Tackle game 8 years ago was Sept to Nov...period, that was it 8 to 9 gms and then we went to play basketball or whatever sport was next. Now I hear it is 7 or 8 months of select ball that starts in June & ends in Feb? Crazy

Want to play Tackle, great, make sure you get your player with a Coach that actually cares about the well being of all the players and just not using kids for social status or trying to chase rings, trophies and bogus titles of bowl games, all star games & exposure camps.