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Extending Non-Tackle experience in Football from Flag to Flex

By American Flex Football, 08/30/18, 12:30PM CDT


While there is zero doubt that flag is an exciting game and excellent intro for kids into Football, unfortunately it lacks essential elements of player progression especially in 5on5 on a tiny field where skill players line up in the tackle box. After Flag your only option used to be was full contact tackle which means that the skill building phase would suffer especially in terms or route running, spacing, throwing & catching because so much of your practice time was based on contact aspects.

We believe we have that answer in Flex Football, true to "real" football but without the  head contact.  As a player’s skill develops and their desire to strap on the pads grows, parents now have an exciting option. Flex affords the experience and skill progression kids want from tackle football, but in a controlled and safer environment.

Aside from the progression and skill-building benefits, Flex brings a fresh look and feel to football that appeals to current players as well as a new wave of players. This next generation of the game is resulting in the growth of leagues and retention of players, without the pressure to play tackle football.

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