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Gateway to more Gamedays for Tackle Teams in Spring

By American Flex Football, 09/24/18, 9:15AM CDT


Flex is dynamic in its benefits and is a Spring extension for tackle football leagues. Flex gives players and teams a platform to develop their skills in a non-tackle environment with low impact on the body. Additionally, Flex is easily integrated into fall leagues at the younger age groups, resulting in better trained and more confident tackle football players.


Tackle is undoubtedly viewed as the top of the football pyramid. At Flex, our goal wasn't to change tackle, but to make it better. The obvious problem with natural progression in football is the gap between non-contact and full-contact styles of play. As a result of this gap — where skill-building and preparation should occur — less kids are merging into tackle, they're dropping off, or finding other sports.


With the creation of Flex Football, parents can have confidence in their child’s readiness to safely step into full-contact. Flex introduces limited-contact for the first time in the form of “hands first” blocking, and with its unique and proprietary game play, creates an atmosphere of playing in "open space" and fast-paced environment that's closer to the modern tackle game.




1. First year player (You want to start by learning football basics, rules, skills, intro to contact and fundamentals )


2. Flag Football player ( you want to make the transition from zero contact to semi contact and learn fundamentals, skills and more football realistic formations on a full size width field in a faster paced game that incorporates the run and passing game


3. Tackle player looking to refine skills with abundance of reps without head contact ( you play on a tackle team as a skill player but your Youth Tackle team is a run based and you barely get more then zero work as a receiver or a QB. You play Flex  on Sunday's because Flex is fun, Flex is faced paced and you can work on your specific skill or specific position and actually get quality reps without daily head impact

*Our game was designed by former NFL Players

*Our Coaches are certified & background checked

*We are taking players in DFW ages 5 to 14

*We hv multiple locations

*We are have Flex Academy  Camps at Dallas Cowboys Frisco Star

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